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2014/12/11 12:54:54 AM
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Aimer (エメ) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter signed to DefSTAR RECORDS and managed by FOURseam. She made her major debut in September of 2011 with the single “Rokutosei no Yoru / Kanashimi wa Aurora ni / TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR”.


Studio Albums

  1. [2012.10.03] Sleepless Nights
  2. [2014.06.25] Midnight Sun
  3. [2015.07.29] DAWN

Cover Albums

  1. [2011.05.11] Your favorite things (Digital)
  2. [2012.12.12] Bitter & Sweet

Split Albums

  1. [2014.06.25] UnChild (SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Aimer)
  2. [2014.08.13] Another Me (Fukui Mai x Aimer)

Mini Albums

  1. [2013.11.20] After Dark
  2. [2014.09.03] Dareka, Umi wo. EP (誰か、海を。)


  1. [2011.09.07] Rokutosei no Yoru / Kanashimi wa Aurora ni / TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR (六等星の夜 / 悲しみはオーロラに / TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR)
  2. [2011.12.14] Re:pray / Sabishikute Nemurenai Yoru wa (Re:pray / 寂しくて眠れない夜は)
  3. [2012.02.22] Yuki no Furu Machi / Fuyu no Diamond (雪の降る街 / 冬のダイヤモンド)
  4. [2012.08.15] Anata ni Deawa Nakereba ~Kasetsu Toka~ / Hoshikuzu Venus (あなたに出会わなければ ~夏雪冬花~ / 星屑ビーナス)
  5. [2013.03.20] RE: I AM EP
  6. [2014.05.21] StarRingChild EP
  7. [2014.12.17] broKen NIGHT / holLow wORlD
  8. [2015.06.03] Brave Shine
  9. [2015.06.10] Live at anywhere
  10. [2016.05.11] ninelie (Aimer x chelly)
  11. [2016.07.06] insane dream/us (Aimer feat. Taka from ONE OK ROCK)
  12. [2016.08.08] Chouchou Musubi (蝶々結び)
  13. [2016.08.18] Falling Alone


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