7!! (Seven Oops) Discography

2014/09/10 5:08:34 PM
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7!! (Seven Oops) Discography (Download)


7!! (Seven Oops) Discography

7!! (Seven Oops) is a four piece Japanese rock band formed in 2004. They received the grand prix for Mitsuya Cider CM Audition in 2005, and their original song, “Sun Light”, was used for Mitsuya Cider’s commercial. The band debuted under EPIC Record Japan with the single “Falling Love”, on April 13th 2011. They were also chosen to sing the opening theme for the popular anime NARUTO: Shippuuden, with the song “Lovers”.

Studio Albums

  1. [2013.03.06] Doki Doki (ドキドキ)
  2. [2014.08.13] START LINE

Best Albums

  1. [2016.03.09] Anippusu (アニップス) (5th Anniversary Album)


  1. [2005.11.11] Sun Light
  2. [2011.04.13] Falling Love (フォーリン・ラブ)
  3. [2011.06.29] Lovers (ラヴァーズ)
  4. [2011.11.02] Bye Bye (バイバイ)
  5. [2012.08.22] Sweet Drive (スウィート・ドライヴ)
  6. [2013.02.20] Sayonara Memory (さよならメモリー)
  7. [2013.08.14] ReRe Hello ~Owaresou ni nai Natsu~ (ReReハロ~終われそうにない夏~)
  8. [2014.01.15] Kono Hiroi Sora no Shita de (この広い空の下で)
  9. [2014.05.21] Melody Maker (メロディ・メーカー)
  10. [2014.07.30] Start Line (スタートライン)
  11. [2015.02.11] Orange (オレンジ)
  12. [2015.10.21] Centimeter (センチメートル)
  13. [2016.08.24] FLY / Sekai wo Mawase!! (世界を回せ!!; Turn the World!!)

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