How to download from this site?
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How to bypass Google Drive quota exceeded error?
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Can I request music?
Of course, you can request music here

What is password?
Password is “” without quote

What is the difference between hi-resolution audio, lossless audio, flac, and mp3?
– High resolution audio is normally defined as music files that have resolution higher than CD quality. In a CD, the music is 16 bit 44.1kHz sampling. High resolution audio would normally mean files that are 24bit 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz or 192kHz. These days, there are some files that are sampled up to 384kHz.

– Lossless audio means the file format is lossless. This means that the file can be opened and closed countless times and the data will remain the same. This is the opposite of lossy files which means some data is lost each time you open and close the file.

– FLAC is a compressed lossless file. There are uncompressed lossless files such as WAV and AIFF. FLAC is compressed into a smaller file for easier streaming and storage and when unzipped, the music file is played without any loss of data.

– MP3 is a file format which compresses a file and reduces the size of the file by discarding data which cannot be retrieved again.


How do I play your files?
I suggest you use VLC and AIMP to play video/audio files, you can download VLC here, and AIMP here.

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