amazarashi Discography

: Discography
: 2015/08/29

amazarashiamazarashi Discography

amazarashi (あまざらし) is an alternative Japanese rock band led by Akita Hiromu from Aomori under Sony Music Associated Records.


  1. [2011.11.16] Sennen Koufukuron (千年幸福論; Millenarian Happiness Theory)
  2. [2014.10.29] Yuuhi Shinkou Higashizumu (夕日信仰ヒガシズム; Sunset Faith Higashizumu)
  3. [2012.06.13] Love Song (ラブソング)
  4. [2012.11.28] 0.7
  5. [2015.05.13] amazarashi Senbun no Ichiya Monogatari Starlight (あまざらし 千分の一夜物語 スターライト; Thousand Minutes of Overnight Story Starlight) (Acoustic Album)
  6. [2016.02.24] Sekai Shuusoku 2116


  1. [2009.02.18] Hikari, Saikou (光、再考; Light, Rethink)
  2. [2009.12.09] 0
  3. [2010.02.10] 0.6
  4. [2010.06.09] Bakudan no Tsukurikata (爆弾の作り方; How to Make a Bomb)
  5. [2010.11.24] One-Room Jojishi (ワンルーム叙事詩; One-Room Epic)
  6. [2011.03.16] Anomie (アノミー)
  7. [2013.04.10] Nee Mama Anata no Iutoori (ねえママ あなたの言うとおり; Hey Mom, It’s Just as You Say)
  8. [2013.11.20] Anta e (あんたへ; To You)


  1. [2015.02.18] Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku (季節は次々死んでいく; Seasons Are Dying One After Another)
  2. [2015.08.19] Speed to Masatsu (スピードと摩擦; Speed and Friction)
  • themion

    I truly thank you for these abums!
    And, umm, I’m really sorry to say, but could you please make the two mini-album available which isn’t connected to download link?

  • Kira Kuro

    I Would like to thank you for sharing this with us , and I would be grateful if you uploaded the the other two albums also I would like to ask you about the song 僕が死のうと思ったのは ? Which album is it in and can u upload that too ? 🙂 and Thank you !